Heavy Metals

Location: MM 330

Environmental factors affecting human health

The presence of arsenic, lead, and other contaminants in soils, water, air, and food negatively impact human health. Environmental agencies across the world identify and provide guidelines on exposure limits. However,  how humans may be exposed to the contaminant (inhalation, ingestion, or contact) is essential to understand the impact on human health.  Additionally, experimental conditions should be able to replicate the exact conditions.  In vitro experiments considering the exposure route and conditions will provide invaluable guidance in establishing safe limits.  

Our lab has been working closely with Dr. Rupali Datta (BioSci) to develop in vitro cell culture models to better understand the contact exposure to arsenic and lead and the cellular pathways that are affected by them.

In vitro demonstration of exposure to arsenic using Keratinocytes

Healthy Keratinocytes

72-hr time lapse

Keratinocytes exposed to 45ppm Arsenic

72-hr time lapse

Keratinocytes exposed to 225ppm Arsenic

72-hr time lapse

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