Cancer Research

Lab Location: MM 330A


According to the American Society of Cancer, in 2019-20, an estimated 268,600 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed. Of these 2,670 will be in men. Approximately 41,760 women and 500 men are expected to die from breast cancer. Metastatic cancer and its associated complications continue to contribute to the high mortality rates. Advanced detection, management, treatment and rehabilitation approaches have dramatically improved life expectancy however, early detection is key in managing the disease. In recent years focus has shifted to the nutritional contribution in cancer development and the mechanical cues that drive cancer cell adhesion, cell-cell interaction, proliferation and migration. The microenvironmental changes that affect cancer growth have the potential to improve cancer treatment, care and rehabilitation. In our work, we have identified specific nanofiber scaffolds preferred by certain sub-populations of cancer cells and unique metabolic activity between cells in suspension, traditional 2D cultures and on 3D nanofiber scaffolds. Our focus is on developing unique tools to observe and study cell behavior to gain an insight into the mechanisms that drive metastasis.

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